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Your child’s safety is our top priority here at Accent Dental of St. Louis. That is why we aim to educate parents on the benefits of sedation dentistry practices for children to help them have a more enjoyable visit to the dentist. We understand that taking a trip to the dentist may be intimidating for some children, so we do what we can to help them feel more comfortable during their visit. The team at Accent Dental offers patients the choice of sedation dentistry to help them feel more relaxed and to improve the efficiency of the appointment. We practice safe and effective sedation dentistry to help children have an easier experience when they come in for their annual check-up. Your sedation dentist in St. Louis, MO currently offers nitrous oxide, oral sedatives, and general anesthesia for patients who may require it. Call our office today to find out if your child could benefit from the use of sedation dentistry at their next visit.




Sedation Methods
Laughing gas can help patients relax during their visit with us. Nitrous oxide is a simple way to help your child relax and has no lasting effects after the treatment is completed. Your child will be provided with a small mask to wear that will allow them to breathe in the gas. This may take 10-15 minutes to take effect. This form of sedation dentistry allows your child to stay awake for the entire procedure and keep all natural reflexes. The overall sensation of laughing gas is calmness and some light-headedness. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends laughing gas as a safe and effective method of assisting children during their dental visits. After the procedure is completed, your child can take off the mask and breath normally. After a few deep breaths of just natural oxygen, they will once again feel clear-headed. 
Oral sedation is recommended by your sedation dentist in St. Louis, MO. This method comes in the form of pills or a liquid that takes about twenty minutes to fully come into effect. Oral sedation is very common and can help patients of all ages feel more relaxed without causing a patient to lose consciousness. This method of sedation is primarily used for adults and in major surgeries. However, there are some methods of oral sedation available for children. Schedule a consultation with your sedation dentist in St. Louis, MO to learn more about your child’s oral sedation options. 
General anesthesia is another form of sedation used by your sedation dentist in St. Louis, MO. Intravenous sedation is administered directly into your child’s vein, usually on the back of the hand. If your child will be using IV sedation, they may also receive laughing gas to help them relax before the IV is inserted. A tube may also be placed in your child’s throat to help maintain steady breathing during the procedure.
Missouri State Law requires that all medical insurance covers anesthesia for the following individuals:
● Children under age 5
● A person living with disabilities
● Anyone with a behavioral condition that may require sedation for dental care
Safety is Our Top Priority
Sedation dentistry is completely safe for children. Your sedation dentist in St. Louis, MO is highly skilled and experienced in complex dental procedures. Your child’s safety is our top priority, and we approach each treatment with attentive care. We want to help your child feel at ease when coming to the dentist, and sometimes sedation can be a helpful tool. Consult with your sedation dentist in St. Louis, MO to find out if sedation dentistry would be right for your child. 
Call your sedation dentist in St. Louis, MO to find out if sedation dentistry would be right for your child. You can reach us at (314) 862-2006 or fill out a contact form directly on our website and someone will get in touch with you at your convenience.


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